DisplayFusion Free 5.0

Easily manage wallpapers on multiple monitors

DisplayFusion helps you choose and manage desktop wallpapers for your dual screen computer. View full description


  • Support for two or three monitors
  • See how the wallpapers will look like
  • Flickr integration


  • Timer is not available in the free version

Very good

DisplayFusion helps you choose and manage desktop wallpapers for your dual screen computer.

Using DisplayFusion is piece of cake. The program provides you with a single interface where you can select new background images for your two screens, adjust the way they appear on the monitor and even look for more wallpapers on the web thanks to its Flickr integration.

With DisplayFusion you get a real-time preview of the wallpapers just as they'll appear on the actual monitors. Also, there's a wide array of options to adjust the photo size, position and aspect ratio. DisplayFusion features a wallpaper timer as well, with which you can schedule an automatic wallpaper rotation – but unfortunately this only works in the Pro version.

One last tip: if you'd like to have more wallpapers to use in your two-monitor installation, have a look at Dual Screen Wallpapers, a wallpaper website specializing in widescreen images for two – or even more - monitors.

With DisplayFusion you can easily manage and customize wallpapers in two or more monitors, but if you want more extended functionality you'll have to switch to the Pro version.


  • New Online Wallpaper Sources: 500px and our very own WallpaperFusion
  • Added new rotate and flipping/mirroring adjustments for wallpapers
  • Linear gradients can now be used as the wallpaper background colour
  • The current wallpaper image can be easily located on your computer by double-clicking the image preview in the Desktop Wallpaper window
  • Desktop Wallpaper window now re-uses the image chooser windows so that you don't have to re-do the same search for each monitor
  • DisplayFusion Taskbars in Windows 8 now support third-party Start menu replacements (StartIsBack, Start8, Classic Shell, and Start Menu X)
  • DisplayFusion Taskbars now show full jump lists for pinned and running applications
  • Windows 8 Tweaks have been added (Boot to Desktop, Mini Start Screen, Move Power User Menu, and Resize Window Borders)
  • Fixed some issues with Monitor Profile detection and loading
  • Fixed Wallpaper and Settings window sizing when DPI scaling is enabled
  • 30 Languages bundled
  • Many behind the scenes changes, bug fixes, performance and stability improvements


DisplayFusion Free 5.0

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  • *tom

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    "Very handy"

    Loads of people use two monitors these days but Windows doesn't provide any way to select a different background for ...   More.